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Reviews For Polystyle Source Code Formatter:

"I absolutely *love* Polystyle. I'm often working on PHP projects where existing scripts have to be modified that are terribly formatted (if one could speak of "formatted" at all ;-) ). As someone who puts great store on readable code, I have difficulties to read such messy code, but Polystyle now saves me some hours of at least rudimentary code formatting. Thanks again! :)"
-Jan I.

"After evaluations over the weekend, decided to go with PolyStyle - it looks like the best on the market."
-John Broughton, CEO Nation Exchange

"Thanks for the quick update and the great product! I've become very dependent on Polystyle over the last year and I've recently started using Java 1.5 features, so I'm very happy that you're now supporting them in the latest version."
-Ed Anuff
Epicentric Co-Founder and author of The Java Sourcebook

"A word of appreciation for your software - I have been looking at source code formatters for the past 3 months. I've seen products that range from free to costing over $1000 and nothing works as well as the Polystyle demo that I downloaded and installed. I was so impressed with the results that I purchased it on the spot and I don't really care if my company reimburses me or not. I might sound effusve but you can check with my friends - I'm not known to be easily impressed but I am very impressed with your product. I intend to recommend it to a select group of coworkers whose opinion I trust and respect."
-Jeff F.

"The JSP formatter is out of this world. A very efficient formatter of a very difficult file type to understand and format. This tool has been remarkably valuable for reading incredibly large, incredibly ugly, all singing all dancing, legacy JSP's. Thank you very much. Formatting Java and CSS files is also very useful."
-Jon C.

"This software is GREAT, it works, it does what I want it to do, what more could a (PHP/C++) programmer ask for? Thanks for writing such a great software such as this!"
-Gary K.

"Thank you for creating such a superb and needed application."
-Steven M.

"..your tool is perfect for just zapping our entire source files that we get back from agencies. In fact we'll probably force them to use Polystyle and return the files to us in a decent condition before we pay them in the future."
-Darren C.

"I have been configuring Polystyle and it is working like a dream on our source files. Finally, all that legacy code looks exactly like I want it.
...Once again, I can't thank you enough for the outstanding customer service!"

-Paul R.

"Thanks again, you're truly a great developer and support team ;-) "
-Gary K.

"I would like to write here that I think that Polystyle really rocks. Beautification in my own style? Wow!"
-Sean B.

"This is awesome software, thank you."
-Mike A.

"The idea of supplying an example file for formatting rules versus editing some config file is very clever and much more practical."
-Jim D.

"I really appreciate the quick and friendly support you have provided for the product, that is really fantastic!"
-John K.

"Polystyle is, in my opinion, the winner of all the formatters I've seen. Now to convince everyone else around here (which shouldn't take long)... Polystyle solves a lot of the issues I've seen in formatters. Especially the integration into all the editors."
-Paul R.

"I really like your program as it does everything that one that costs $250+."
-Jim D.

"I really like Polystyle. I've been reformatting the heck out of stuff since I got it. :) It's helped me figure out some old code that someone else wrote that was hard to read."
-George H.

"Thank you for such wonderful tools you provided."
-Quande R.

"Your tool is working great for me. I also appreciate the great customer care shown by you."
-Ashish U.

"Polystyle is a great tool."
-Ivan F.

"Cool, works great. This has to be one of the most useful applications I have purchased ;-)"
-Dave S.

"It's fantastic."
-Paolo B.

"This looks great! ... I really do like the product and am excited to start using it."
-Jeff S.

"I really like Polystyle. It is a great addition to my favorite editor - MultiEdit.
-Greg M.

"Just wanted to say Polystyle is working really well for me. I use it in an Eclipse/Flex Builder environment, mainly for ActionScipt 3."
Thanks for the great product.

-Jason Foster

"Hey! I took one look at PolyStyle and went 'WOW! Someone actually has gotten it right!' I was just handed an entire project where they did no style at all in how they coded everything. This will save me hundreds and hundreds of hours! Thank you ever so much for making this program. I've take a stab at writing something for PHP for a long, long time - and could not get my head around the html-javascript-php-css-xml combos and how to ensure I wasn't formatting css like you format php. This will make my life a lot easier."
-Mark M.

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Source Code Formatter

Polystyle Is A Source Code Formatter For:

  • Actionscript
  • ASP
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • CMAC
  • CSS
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • JSP
  • PHP
  • Pascal/Delphi
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Visual Basic
  • Polystyle Is Also A Source Code Obfuscator For:

  • PHP Obfuscator
  • C# Obfuscator
  • Perl Obfuscator
  • Java Obfuscator
  • Javascript Obfuscator
  • JSP Obfuscator
  • Actionscript Obfuscator

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    Smart Source Formatting: Easy As 1, 2, 3

    Click here for a Polystyle walkthrough...

    Step 1.) Unformatted code
    Step 2.) Example source
    Step 3.) Formatted code

    Polystyle automatically reformats source code in your personal style. Polystyle learns your formatting style by examining examples of your code.

    First, use a text editor to format your examples and define your style. You may then format your files by invoking Polystyle through Windows Explorer or your IDE.

    You can also use the Graphical Styler to define your settings using mouse clicks alone! Polystyle elegantly eliminates the need to wade through a stack of conf files and documentation to get readable code. Polystyle is completely intuitive and natural.

    Polystyle can also minify or compress HTML, Javascript and CSS by removing all extra whitespace. Just select the 'Compress HTML' option in Tab 1, Option 3 of the Configuration Tool.

    You can also have Polystyle change HTML tags to upper case or lower case using the dropdown on Tab 2 in the Configuration Tool.

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    Trial limitations: The trial version has a 5 second delay screen for each file you format and shows you a preview of the formatted code rather than writing it to the original file. It also does not recursively format directories.

    When you purchase Polystyle it will not have the delay screen, will write the results directly to the file on disc, and can format directories recursively.


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    Polystyle Is Easy To Run
    Polystyle is integrated into Windows Explorer.

    To run from an Explorer window, right click on the proper files and select 'Format with Polystyle'.

    Polystyle will also recurse folders, but skips over CVS and .svn folders.

    You may also run Polystyle from the command line.

    Additionally, you can integrate Polystyle into your IDE.

    Prepackaged Industry Standard Styles
    Polystyle's prepackaged styles allow you to quickly reformat your files using a predefined standard, or base your own style on an existing standard.

    The following are just a few of the predefined Java examples included in Polystyle:

  • KnR/1TBS/Unix Kernel

  • Linux Kernel

  • Sun
  • Whitesmith

  • Allman/BSD

  • Gnu

  • Polystyle Is Simple To Use
    • In this walkthough you'll be taken through the short steps it takes to define your style and format your source code.

      (Note to Vista and Windows 7 users: You may need to install it somewhere other than program files, such as your user directory, for it to work because of the permissions.)
  • Unformatted Source

    • Let's start with a simple use case. Imagine you have the following java code you want to format:
      [ View full source ]
              item = new JMenuItem("New");
              item.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
                  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
                      System.out.println("New window");

  • Reformatted Result
    • Polystyle uses examples of code to find out how you like your code styled. You may either use the Graphical Styler to style your example file using mouse clicks alone, or you may edit your example file directly for more control over your style. Let's use Polystyle's predefined 2-space indent GNU style to format our file. (Note that you can also edit your example file directly to customise your style.) Here's the result:
      [ View full source ]
              item = new JMenuItem ("New");
              item.setMnemonic (KeyEvent.VK_N);
              item.addActionListener (new ActionListener()
                  actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
                      System.out.println ("New window");
                      framework.makeNewWindow ();
              menu.add (item);

  • Configuring Polystyle - Step 1: Define Your Examples
    • When you install Polystyle, the Configuration Tool is invoked to allow you to define your personal style. You have several options to do this.
    • Option 1 allows you to define your style easily using the Graphical Styler and create a consistent style without having to edit an example file.
    • Option 2 allows you maximum flexibility, by editing the example files, you can define nearly any style imaginable.
    • Option 3 allows you to quickly select a predefined industry-standard style without having to edit any configuration files.
    • Option 4 allows you browse all the Polystyle's prepackaged styles.

  • Option 1: Define Styles using the Graphical Styler
    • The Graphical Styler has several categories of options for each style. When you click a style option, the preview is instantly recreated.

    • Try Polystyle out for free, download a copy below:

  • Configuring Polystyle - Step 2: Set Global Preferences
    • Here you may quickly set up various preferences, as shown below:

  • Configuring Polystyle - Step 3: Run Polystyle
    • There are a number of ways to invoke Polystyle, as shown below:

  • Take Polystyle For A Spin!
    • Try Polystyle out for free, download a copy below: