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  • Integrating Polystyle Into Source Insight 3.50

  • Add a Custom Command action that will invoke Polystyle
    • Click Options -> Custom Commands.
    • Assuming you installed Polystyle in c:\Program Files\Polystyle, fill in the form as show below:

    • Do not click Close yet.
  • Add a keymapping so you can invoke Polystyle using CTRL + T
    • Click Keys....
    • Scroll the Command box to the command you just created.
    • Click Assign new key... and enter CTRL + T as show below:

    • Do not click OK yet.
  • Add a menu command
    • Click Menu....
    • Scroll the Command box to the command you created.
    • Add your command to the Edit menu, as show below:

    • Click OK.
  • You may now invoke Polystyle two ways
    • Using CTRL + T
    • By clicking Edit -> Format Current File With Polystyle.
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