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    Here are the final results which you can see are much easier to read!

    Now that you've seen what Polystyle can do for you, why not download a copy and try it out yourself?

    class bdist_rpm (Command):
        user_options = [('bdist-base=',
            None, "base directory for creating built distributions"),
                None, "base directory for creating RPMs (defaults to \"rpm\" under "
                "--bdist-base; must be specified for RPM 2)"),
            ('dist-dir=', 'd', "directory to put final RPM files in "
                "(and .spec files if --spec-only)"),
            ('source-only', None, "only generate source RPM"),
            ('binary-only', None, "only generate binary RPM")]
        def _format_changelog (self, changelog):
            if not changelog:
                return changelog
            new_changelog = []
            for line in string.split (string.strip(changelog), '\n'):
                line = string.strip(line)
                if line[0] == '*':
                elif line[0] == '-':
                    new_changelog.append('  ' + line)

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