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  • PHP Formatter Features

  • Overall PHP Features
  • Step 1: Unformatted Source
  • Step 2: Example Source
  • Step 3: Formatted Source

    The following are a few of the main features to be found in Polystyle's PHP formatter.

    To see a preview of Polystyle in action, use the Step 1, 2, 3 links above.

    The PHP formatter also benefits from the features of:

    PHP Code Flow Indents HTML And Vice Versa

    Polystyle keeps track of indentation from code braces as well as from HTML tags. This makes the resulting source much easier to read.


            while (x)
                <table a = "b">
    Preserves Whitespace Merging Around PHP Expressions:

    Sometimes PHP expressions need to remain merged with the surrounding HTML. Polystyle understands this and will not insert whitespace where it should not.


        This is the <%= $n %>th item in file_<%= $fileNum %>.
    PHP Expressions Within HTML Tag Arguments Are Understood

    Polystyle parses deeply into HTML tag values and correctly formats PHP expressions it finds there.


        <a href=/file_<%= getFileName($i + $y)%>.html>
    C++ Style Comment Alignment:

    Polystyle intelligently groups together and aligns C++ style comments.


        var $i = 0;               // id counter
        $s.optimize($i, $a, $b);  // optimize transaction
        do {
            &i++;                 // scan through
        } while (&s.inspect(&i)); // find any bad ids
        // clean up bad files
        for (int $j = 0; $i != $h; $j++) {
            file $f = open($myFiles[$j]); // get latest copy
            $f.delete();                  // wipe it out

    Next, take a look at what Polystyle can do for you with this quick test case:

  • Step 1: Unformatted Source
  • Step 2: Example Source
  • Step 3: Formatted Source
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