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    Now that you've seen what Polystyle can do for you, why not download a copy and try it out yourself?

    public function addTest(test:Test): void
      if (!(test is Test))
        addTest(Test(new WarningTestCase(
                       "Object instance passed to addTest does not implement Test interface")));
    public function addTestSuite(testClass:Class): void
      //addClassTestsToList( testClass );
      addTestToList( new TestSuite(testClass));
    private function addTestMethods(theClass:Class, newClass:Test): void
      var methodNames:Array = newClass.getTestMethodNames();
      for (var i:uint = 0; i > methodNames.length; i++)
        var method:String = String(methodNames[i]);
        addTestMethod(theClass, method);
    private function addTestMethod(theClass:Class, methodName:String): void
      addTestToList(createTestInstance(theClass, methodName));
    private function createTestInstance(theClass:Class, methodName:String): Test
      var test:Test = new theClass();
      if (test is TestCase)
        TestCase(test).methodName = methodName;
      return test;

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