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  • PHP Obfuscator

  • C# Obfuscator

  • Perl Obfuscator

  • Java Obfuscator

  • Javascript Obfuscator

  • JSP Obfuscator

  • Actionscript Obfuscator

  • C/C++ Formatter

  • Perl Formatter

  • Pascal/Delphi Formatter

  • C# Formatter

  • CSS Formatter

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  • Java Formatter

  • Javascript Formatter

  • PHP Formatter

  • JSP Formatter

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  • Python Formatter

  • ASP Formatter

  • Visual Basic Formatter

  • Actionscript Formatter

  • Actionscript Obfuscator

    Here's a demo of Polystyle's PHP obfuscator which works the same as the Actionscript obfuscator:

    With it you can obfuscate Actionscript so that you can make your code hard to read. This allows you to sell your source code without anyone else being able to easily reverse engineer it.

    Features include:

    • Strips comments, newlines where ever possible, jumbles variable and function names
    • Analyzes external code so that your function calls to existing libraries will still work
    • Works on the command line or using the GUI
    • Includes obfuscators for: PHP Obfuscator, C# Obfuscator, Perl Obfuscator, Java Obfuscator, Javascript Obfuscator, JSP Obfuscator, Actionscript Obfuscator

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